Estee Lauder: the Brand I Trust the Most

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What do I think of when I think of the best retail experience I’ve ever had? Estee Lauder. Sounds fancy, right? Posh, even? It is a high-end brand, after all. Personally, I think Estee Lauder’s products are worth the hefty (especially in Australian dollars) price tag. I can justify spending $50 on foundation or $60 on face powder when the name Estee Lauder is on the packaging, because I’ve never had a bad experience; quite the contrary, their products are a joy to use.

I tend to base my opinions of a brand on two things: retail service quality and pricing. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light was the first foundation I ever spent my not-so-hard-earned Youth Allowance money on as a teenager. I shuffled into Myer wearing too much eyeliner and asked to be matched to a foundation shade. The lady gave me a discount, two free deluxe samples, and reminded me of my grandma. Ever since then the brand has held a special place in the makeup bag of my heart, and every time I go back to Myer I get free samples. All the women in the makeup department know my name now. I may have a slight addiction. The point? High retail service quality. Check.

As for pricing, the shallow, living payday to payday part of my materialistic, consumerism-flooded brain still makes me think that high-end products are superior to their chemist-sold counterparts despite me studying marketing and knowing the psychology behind customer behaviour and all that jazz. I’m a sucker, what can I say? However, in the case of Estee Lauder, I know why the pricing is prestige. The products are awesome; which brings me to my next judgement: products.

For me, beauty products can be assessed based on packaging, effectiveness, scent, delight and, more specifically to makeup, longevity, colour, so on, so forth. A stand out product from Estee Lauder that ticks all my boxes is the Advanced Night Repair Serum II. Holy cow is that stuff good (I’m pretty sure it’s made of unicorn pee and fairy tears). The packaging is gorgeous and solid: it feels expensive, and it comes with a dropper, which is a big plus for practicality. As for effectiveness, I get so many compliments on my skin when I use this serum, and it’s cleared up my breakouts, and it’s made my skin firm and glowing, and it doesn’t smell offensive, and it feels luxurious to the touch, and…I’ll stop. I could go on for paragraphs.

Bottom line (not really, I tend to ramble, but bottom paragraph I swear): I trust Estee Lauder and their products bring me delight when I use them. Their shade ranges are great and all their employees have treated me wonderfully. Totes recommend (excuse the unnecessary abbreviation, I’ve had too much coffee and am rushing everything, including words, apparently).

May your tea be hot and your biscuit never fall into the bottom of your cup whilst dunking.

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